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Using Ancient medicine and plants to cure the human body and mind.  The way nature intended.


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Do you want to find the mental and physical healing you’ve been searching for and take back charge of your health? Are you struggling to find answers to why you feel “sick” or “ill” and are tired of hearing the same general practitioner responses without getting any answers? You’ve come to the right place!

"The Doctor of the Future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease"

There are many paths to feeling well and healthy. Here are some of the concerns I address and different tools we use to get you there.

  • Eliminating muscle/joint pain & inflammation

  • Enhancing immune system

  • Treating metabolic syndromes such as diabetes & blood pressure

  • Weight management & nutrition

  • Resolving digestive imbalances

  • Curing insomnia & jaw clenching

  • Loss of senses - memory, touch, etc.

  • Addressing mental & emotional concerns

  • Learning disabilities

  • Sensory processing issues

  • Healing autoimmune conditions including thyroid issues (Hashimotos)

  • Allergy elimination

  • Understanding & fighting common diseases

  • Repairing injuries without invasive surgery

  • Curing headaches, nausea, IBS, & constipation

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Specializations & Medicinal Practices

Naturopathic Medicine


From acupuncture to meditation, these ancient medical practices have proven for to cure & save humanity for eons.

Applied Kinesiology


Muscle testing gives naturopaths the ability to find real answers to issues​ with pain, illnesses, insomnia, & more

Functional Neurology


Looking to pass that test but have fears? This tool will help you retain information, gear mental focus, & improve your memory retention.

Herbal Medicine


Nature's antidote of mixed herbs and plants to treat and resolve major illnesses and parasites.


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Low dose substance that stimulates the vital force for the deepest and most complete healing possible.

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Meet Dr. Heidi Albete

Dr. Heidi Albete N.D., a naturopathic doctor with a specialization in functional neurology utilizing applied kinesololgy, founded this company to provide a health and wellness center beyond modern day Western medicine beginning in the Denver, Colorado area and now expanding throughout the U.S. Our hope is bring our society back in alignment with nature, by using the free resources the Earth naturally produces for healthy survival.

The 5 Tibetan rites - anti-aging fountain of youth

The 5 Tibetan rites - anti-aging fountain of youth

The 5 Tibetan rites are a series of exercises done every day by the Tibetan monks and they call it their fountain of youth and their Trick to antiaging! Please follow me, Dr. Heidi and my mom, Susie as we take you through the how to and the why behind each of these 5 Tibetan rites. Are you sluggish in the morning? Are you not at the weight you'd like to be at? How is your strength and flexibility? Do you want to be more active with your kids and grand kids? Do you want to live long enough to see a great great grand kids graduate from college and get married? Are you looking to improve these aspects of your life ? I hope you enjoy this informative video! Please like, subscribe and send this to your friends. I am doctor Heidi, a naturopathic doctor based in Colorado. My goal is to I help all of you live the best life possible. To be happy and healthy and thriving. I think it's important for all humans on Earth to find their passion and fulfill their purpose and I am here to make sure you're healthy along the way! Stay tuned for more healthful and helpful videos in the future. Visit my website: Drheidialbete.com Bringusbacktonature.com Email me: Drheidi@bringusbacktonature.com Schedule a free 15 minute consultation: https://www.wellnessliving.com/rs/appointment-start.html?id_class_tab=3&id_mode=1&k_business=290943&k_service=142558 Book a telemedicine appointment: https://www.wellnessliving.com/rs/appointment-start.html?id_class_tab=3&id_mode=1&k_business=290943&k_service=135431 Leave questions and comments below! Happy healing! Dr. Heidi


"Dr. Albete was the first doctor I felt could really help me figure out the things that were wrong with me. Every doctor I went to told me "you're fine." She finally identified some severe pancreas issues due to a parasite I had for many years. Thanks to her, I feel like I am truly alive..."

Alexa, 31

Dr. Heidi Albete

Naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist practicing in Connifer, CO providing affordable, comprehensive natural healthcare.

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